Obama Brother's Keeper Program

I am my brother's Keeper. Skyglory brothers keeper prevention, defense, juvenile ministry. And O.S.U.R. University with Obama's brother's keeper program we will make a change in communities our studying and researching the gospel, God's plan for mankind and black history since BC to 2014AD. The new beginning. A African America parade.


The church as the ruler and superior of the whole world against people of color darker then white the greatest genocide known of mankind. The first holocaust 1492 AD since Pope Alexander VI and European Caucasian Jews. Who brought black Africans to America


Obama gives minority veterans medals long over due.

The mission of the ABI is to engage the U.S. business community on legislative policies that foster foreign direct investment in Africa, to facilitate trade between the United States and African countries, and to introduce U.S. companies to the continent's vast economic opportunities.

African US Chamber Commerce